Your Workplace Coach

Kay Fett is a dynamic, high-energy speaker who guarantees motivation for all who hear her.  She has shown thousands of business professionals the value of optimism, confidence, enthusiasm, and continuous skill development within their chosen field.  

Whether she talks with large corporate clients, start-up businesses, schools, or professional associations, Kay delivers an enthusiastic, humorous, and practical message.  Workshop organizers see remarkable improvements in performance after her training and her audiences regularly ask for return presentations. As an individual coach, you see her at her best.

Kay has an extensive business background.  She was a teacher and an administrator within a junior college, a corporate marketing and training director in the financial industry, and a manger of various work staffs.  Kay holds a bachelor's degree in marketing and a mater's degree in educational administration.  She is certified as a Transformation Life Coach.

"I can't separate sales techniques from service techniques.  If you sell, you service.  If you are in a service job, you are selling.  Each of us must recognize that within our jobs we are continuously selling and servicing the company who supports us."
Kay Fett