Your Workplace Coach

Workplace Coaching: 
As a former professor and administrator in a junior college, a former corporate marketing and training director and an entrepreneur for the past eleven years, Kay has proven experience in both idea and decision-making collaboration.  She has helped numerous companies reach higher quality decisions, move forward with financial growth and employee satisfaction, and implement far-reaching organizational change.  Companies have retained her for various coaching issues, such as, building internal loyalties, merger or acquisition acceptance, effective meeting management, building trust and respect within management teams. 
Career Coaching: 
Kay helps individuals to plan, develop and control their life’s destiny.  Through one-on-one sessions she motivates people to take personal responsibility for their growth and achievements.  Using her expertise in examining personalities and communication styles, attitudinal strengths and barriers, leadership capabilities, and image projections, Kay has successfully developed executives, managers, college graduates, and retiring homemakers to optimize their potential. Her personal assessment tools and development techniques utilized during the individual coaching sessions help individuals to maximize and achieve their life goals.
  • Personal Image Improvement Coaching
  • Professionalism Coaching:
  • Business Etiquette Coaching:
Professionalism Coaching: 

Kay Fett coaches individuals to present themselves in a positive manner at all times.  She assesses and grooms the individual’s outward appearance along with the essential inner personal spirit. She coaches to improve the individual’s overall physical appearance, voice projection, verbal and non-verbal communication, business etiquette techniques and written communication styles.  These sessions are valuable during a job search.  Resume writing, interviewing, aggressive calling, and follow through are coached during one’s path for employment.  The individual’s personal improvement goals determine the length of the coaching sessions.


"With Kay's help and our role playing exercises, I was able to predict interview questions and use body language to portray a positive image. These are the same skills I use everyday now in my current sales position."   Recent College Graduate

"Your ability to understand, motivate, and plan accordingly is refreshing.  You are most definitely a seasoned professional"