Your Workplace Coach

Kay Fett is a professional speaker who will stimulate and motivate your audience at your next convention, seminar, meeting, or graduation. Below is a list of Kay's more popular topics.  She can also customize a talk specific to your event or message. 
  • The Changing World of Change: Today, more then ever before, the only thing that remains constant in our lives is change.  These changes can be very stressful and create undue tension within the workforce.  This presentation will address the nature of change and give tips to positively respond to these changes. 
  • Service with Heart (or Soulful Service): Providing excellence in quality of service is totally dependent upon the attitudes and beliefs of the individual service provider.  This presentation demonstrates the personal characteristics necessary for meeting and exceeding the expectations of the customer.  Emphasis is placed on inner confidence and motivation, enthusiasm toward people, and creating a sincere, positive attitude. 
  • Communicating a Positive Self-Image: First impressions are made within seconds and can last for years.  What type of image are you presenting each moment in time?  This speech will target the need for developing attitudes and behaviors within our work and home environments.  Humorous anecdotes are scattered throughout to encourage participant's self-examination for personal and professional attitude improvement. 
  • Look Out! Your Body is Speaking!: First impressions are made within seconds and can last for years.  What type of image are you presenting at work?  This entertaining keynote will emphasize the impact of your private self-esteem upon your public professional image.  Non-verbal communication, voice tone, and individual attitudes are the leading factors for determining your image. 
  • Team Collaboration or Extermination?: In today's competitive business environment, everyone working within the company must conspire to work together.  The characteristics of effective teams and leaders, dealing with conflict and dissonance, and developing trust within the team will be stressed. 
  • Look Out! Your Attitude is Showing!: People need to recognize that their private thoughts become their destiny.  Every moment of every day our behaviors and actions are telling others what we really feel about our being.  This humorous, but practical, speech motivates all to upgrade their self-esteem. 
  • Communicating a Professional Image:  This keynote is Kay Fett's most asked for and most motivational presentation.  It emphasizes the impact of one's self-esteem on the public professional image.  An individual's success can be reached through the managing of oneself using confidence, enthusiasm, positive attitude, motivation, and self-management.  (Upon request, anyone of these five personal requirements can be addressed separately in 20 - 40 minutes motivational keynote addresses.)
  • Becoming the Best You Can Be: This keynote is similar to the above description, yet is addressed to younger women (primarily middle school though college age.)  Emphasis is placed on making personal choices and building self-confidence. 
  • Corporate Politics and Career Women: Two of the traditional failures of women managers are loss of power and an inability to play the political games within an organization.  This keynote deals with the adaptation of female leadership traits to the corporate environment. 
  • Look Out!  Your Body is Silently Talking: This interactive presentation spells out the dynamic language of non-verbal communication.  From hand gestures to facial expressions, personal grooming to office decor, participants will be involved in motivational activities to better comprehend the language of our attitudes. 
  • Power Speaking: Presentation Skill for the Professional: Are you optimizing your chances for success at department meetings, staff briefings, and board briefings? This keynote addresses how to present your ideas in a way that commands attention and creates rapport with others.  Power Speaking will help you prepare for a meeting, an interview, or every time you are asked to sell a project, a plan, or your company. 
  • Managing Your Time Effectively:  Do you feel rushed, frazzled, up-tight, and always under pressure?  This keynote address will humorously present the time stresses in women's lives today.  The concepts of prioritizing your personal and professional lives, recognizing musts vs. wants, and the importance of "time-outs for me" will be stressed. 

"Kay is without exception the most motivating and captivating speaker I've ever heard."